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Earn rewards for spoiling your friends

Special Treats & Rewards

Symbyoz was born from the belief that technology should make it easy to inspire each other, and do more things together.
To reward our users for creating and sharing meaningful social content, we created Treats, a loyalty program that let them receive discounts, special offers and gift cards for free.

How it works
To claim a treat, you only need two things:
  • Points ( 100 Points = $1 - click to see how to earn them)
  • Be quick: Treats are updated daily, but are not unlimited. There may not be enough for everyone. First claimed = first served.

General rules:
  • Points cannot be be monetized, re-sold or converted to physical or digital products or services outside of our platform. See our Terms of Service
  • There's no guarantee to get a treat. Even with enough Points. The first person to claim a treat will be the first to get it, and our inventory is limited.
  • Once claimed, the treat will be instantly available via a link to a claim page.
  • Some treats (products, popular gift cards) require an explicit confirmation and a verification for a valid address (email and postal)
  • All claimed treats are available on the user's profile page.
  • Code/pins and secret details to redeem are visible only for the owner and recipient of the treat.
  • We will notify users in advance when their treats are about to expire (very common for coupons)
  • No refunds or exchanges are allowed. Symbyoz is not responsible for lost or stolen treats and gift cards codes.
  • Unless explicitly stated, Symbyoz is not sponsored by, affiliated with, or endorsed by any of the companies listed in the Treats.
  • Do not spam your friends or try to abuse the system to earn Points and/or claim treats. We will detect abuse patterns and ban users who cheat, spam or don't play fair.
Get your special treats before it's all gone!
Your social capital is based on your activity and determines your level.
Friends who also follow you on Symbyoz
Ideas Completed
Ideas you have completed with your friends
Friends Ideas Completed
Ideas you've helped your friends to complete
Social Capital:

Current Level:

Points are the virtual currency on Symbyoz.

Redeem to claim gift cards or special offers (100 Points = $1).

Ways To Earn Points:

Receive votes for your birthday card.
Receive votes for your gift ideas.
Receive votes for your quotes.
Collect from birthday cards sent to you.
depends :)
Trade with friends on your profiles.
depends :)
Spamming your friends
banned :(
Points missing

Points cannot be be monetized, re-sold or converted to physical or digital products or services outside of our platform. See our Terms of Service.

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