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Never Forget a Birthday

In life, it's the lilttle things that matter.

A birthday is one of the most important day in everybody's life. But with a busy schedule at work, or at school, it's not easy to remember everyone's birthdays, or to do something special about it.

Services like Facebook made this easier, but it's still not perfect: not all your friends have their birthday public. And it's easy to miss birthday notifications among all the things that are happening on your wall. Plus, you may actually not want to receive notifications for some of the people you don't know that well. It's just annoying.

With Happy Birthday Cards, you decide what are the birthdays that matter to you, regardless if your friends are on Facebook or not. You can privately set the date yourself or secretly ask friends in common, and you can send original & creative birthday wishes.

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Our users care about their friends, and make it a point to take the time to do something special for their loved ones.

Because words alone are sometimes not enough, and because what they really want is to surprise their friends, we help them make smart and creative greetings that are taking their birthday wishes to the next level.

The social experience they create is unique, as they can easily share birthday wishes and let friends in common participate in the celebration.

Join the community to add funny quotes, photo collages, special effects, and the signatures of all your friends in common on the same card. Cards are free and can be sent via email, Facebook, Twitter and more.

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E-cards are increasingly a popular alternative to traditional greeting cards.

They save you money, and you don't need to worry about delays or problems with postal mail. Plus with services like Facebook, it's really easy to send wishes from the comfort of our homes to all our friends.

Also, finding the perfect gift is never easy.

Between the things we want, the things that are too expensive, the things we don't like, the things we already have and the things we don't even know about, there's too many ways to go wrong.

Happy Birthday Cards also helps you to find gifts based on ideas suggested by mutual friends and also based on what your friends already said they like on Facebook. You can save, share and discuss your ideas publicly or secretely with friends in common.

This helps you remember your ideas, and buy only when you're ready to buy. It also makes it easy to ask opinions or find out if a friend already have a gift you are thinking about.

Save time and money simply by following a gift idea. We will track the prices for you, and will send you an alert when there's interesting price changes.

You can also use Gift Genie to collaborate with a group and raise funds to buy expensive gifts together.

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