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Create unique collages for a loved one, from one of our templates, from a photo on Facebook, or from any custom image you have.
You can send them as a custom eCard, and invite mutual friends so they can sign it online. It can be open or it can be secret.

And it's free! The only rule is to be creative and have fun.

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Birthday quotes & messages

Did you know that around 19 million other people are having their birthday on the same day?
That's why it can be hard to show your friends that they are special, and that you care.

When sending wishes, we all want to use something that touches and inspires. A funny birthday message or a witty birthday quote are great content for that.

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It's the little things that matter

A birthday is one of the most important day in anyone's life. But with a busy schedule at work, or at school, it's not always easy to remember everyone who really count.

Here, you can keep track of birthdays by following your best friends to receive reminders only for the people that you choose.

You can select reminders from your birthday list on Facebook without being nagged about people you are not so close to.
Or you can privately record birthdays that you know of, for friends who have kept that information out of social media. It won't be shared on Facebook.

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