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It's The Little Things...

Life is busy. Keeping track of the most important dates, plans, ideas or events has become a daunting task. It's easy to forget the little things that matter.

Symbyoz helps to make time for things you enjoy in life, and keep up with what matters most. From life goals, to important dates, birthdays wishes, gift ideas or inspirational content.

Our members are creative, think differently, generate new ideas, and inspire each other to have a more interesting life.

  • Life List

    Bucket list & life goals

    Life is short! make time for things you really enjoy. Keep up with your goals, ideas and important dates, share with friends or join others to get it done together.

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  • Social Reminders

    Smart social reminders & contact list

    When was the last time you called your mom? Don't be a stranger & get better at bonding with important people in your life.

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  • Happy Birthday Cards

    Creative birthday wishes

    Meaningful Birthday Wishes and Birthday Messages - Show your appreciation with original and creative e-cards, Make an impact by dedicating your own birthday to good cause.

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  • Gift Genie

    A cure for the common bad gift

    Gift Ideas, Gift Registry and Price Alerts - A smart and fun way to keep track of gift ideas, save time and save money with price alerts and group gifts.

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  • Life Quotes

    A picture is worth a thousand words

    Personal Collection of Inspiring Quotes - Keep track of your favorite quotes, turn them into creative images, stay inspired, and share with your friends and fans.

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  • Visual Horoscopes

    Make your future look good

    Daily horoscopes & predictions - Personalize your daily foretelling on topics such as love, money or career, and keep track of your accurate and/or failed forecasts.

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